Come working on epitranscriptomics. There is room for everyone in RNA chemistry and biology!

RNA Modifications:

functions, mechanisms, and relationships to metabolic syndromes


About Us

The Liu Group is located in the Perelman Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania. We are interested in studying the regulation of energy metabolism at the RNA level. We are interested in (1) identification and characterization of new types of mRNA modifications; (2) the relationships of tRNA modifications and tRNA fragmentation; and (3) coregulation of RNA modifications. Members of the laboratory acquire a broad spectrum of skills while performing their research in a collaborative, innovative, and enjoyable environment.

Contact Us

Professor Kathy Fange Liu

Room 347 (Office) or Room 350 (Lab), CRB

415 Curie Boulevard

Philadelphia PA, 19104

Phone: 215-573-6413